It is little more than a rock, located a few hundred meters off the bay of Massa Lubrense and a few minutes by boat from the port of Sorrento. This islet is part of the Marine Protected Area of Punta Campanella.

The distance from the coast and the constant presence of dominant currents in the Gulf of Naples favor the settlement and development of many marine species. Due to its particular fauna and flora it is part of the "A" Zone of the Marine Park, and to access it you need special authorizations.

This rock can be recognized by its lantern lighthouse for the protection of navigation, and as soon as they dive they are surrounded by clouds of red damselfish, thrushes, damsels and bream many times disturbed by a dense group of barracudas that have become permanent in this area. On the east side, at a depth of about 12 meters, the statue of the Madonna del Vervece, protector of all divers, was placed.

Continuing on, the rocky walls of the Vervece drop to a peak over -50mt and are of exceptional biological interest at all altitudes, from the deep to the shallow ones.

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