Banco di Santa Croce

This shoal has its top at about nine meters and is just 300 meters from the coast. The walls go down to a depth of -50mt and even if many times the visibility is not excellent, the Banco di Santa Croce remains one of the most interesting dives of the whole Sorrento coast. In fact, the richness of Mediterranean life forms, both free and sessile, is extraordinary, which are encountered underwater already from the moment you begin the descent. Around -20m of depth you meet the first paramuricee that slightly anticipate the huge and dense fans that continue up to -40mt.

The diver is fascinated by the many gorgonians that when you arrive at a gap that divides the main shoal in two the show that presents itself is truly impressive: large fans that intertwine with each other and not far away not even the Gerardia Savaglia is missing. One is so taken by the environment and by the colors that many times one does not notice the schools of thousands of Antias swimming among the branches of the gorgonians.

The ascent from the bottom, along the wall, gives us vast areas of Parazoanthus and Astroides which are an excellent starting point for photographers who can take the last shots of a dream dive.
During periods of passage, during any safety or decompression stops, it is not uncommon to see amberjacks and longlines darting by.

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