Capo D'Aniello

This dive is suitable for both inexperienced and advanced divers. In fact, you can proceed along the ridge to a bathymetry not exceeding -18mt and admire all the coral that dominates the whole area. You can make encounters with zippers in the warm months that overlook the various cracks in the wall, and in the right periods you can also meet the amberjacks. The dive for expert divers involves reaching an altitude of -40mt where you can see large boulders that usually are a refuge for some lobster sea breams, then continuing along the wall a mixture of yellow gorgonians and cracks full of coralligenous that hide both groupers and white breams. This wall both in the deep part and in the one near the surface is full of nudibranchs and parazoantus and astroides. In fact, this dive is in great demand by photographers and biology enthusiasts.

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