Scoglio Penna

It is a small sharp, high and narrow rock that rises on the eastern edge of the bay of Ieranto, it is separated from the coast by a narrow channel that is continuously crossed by boats in summer. Here the dive is very interesting given the position of this rock which being almost at the limit of the two gulfs (Salerno and Naples) is continually subject to strong currents. From the first meters the walls are full of life on every side and at every depth, in particular the external slope that falls over -50mt is covered with splendid paramuricee. During the ascent we notice a hole that passes through the rock at a depth of about -6m, covered with colonies of orange madrepores (Astroides calycularis) and sea daisies (Parazoanthus axinella). This dive is one of the most interesting on the Sorrento coast.

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