Tuesday, May 28, 2013

As of June, 1st La Boa Charter & Diving organizes specialty diving courses. The possible courses are the following:

DEEP: Diving up to 40m in depth

NIGHT: Night diving

COMPASS: Underwater navigation

CAVE: Exploring caves

FIRST AID: Cardiopulmonary resuscitation and emergency care

RESCUE: How to rescue an injured diver

NITROX: Scuba diving breathing air enriched in O2

DECOMPRESSION: Diving up to 54m with nitrox decompression stops


La Boa is also pleased to offer to its customers the ability to have a day trip to Pompeii to visit the worldwide famous archaeological site of the Campanian town. For information on the cost and duration of the visit, please contact La Boa.

Domenica 12 Aprile

Domenica 12 c.m. immersione scoglio Vervece (Parco Marino di Punta Campanella) con partenza dal porticciolo di Seiano alle ore 9,00.
Per info e prenotazioni 335345739 Raffaele,